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Friday, November 18, 2011

Overheard at Work, vol. XXIV

I swear there was something in the air this week. Maybe it's the days leading up to a holiday break or the holidays in general or the weather changing or the fact that yesterday two people were out and, today, three people were.


As I have said only a handful of times since being hired, these were some "double shot of vodka on ice at the end of the day" days.

8-year-old brat: Is that your phone?
Me: Yep.
8-year-old brat(regarding it): You know. I have a better phone than you. And it's $400.

10-year-old girl, attempting to help her friend with her homework: Usually a sad story means someone dies at the end.

I was talking to a senior in HS about how I was about to swear because I was so frustrated, and that I was in fact, a potty mouth. When he couldn't fathom it, I reminded him I was from New York, and he said: "Mother Annie turns into New York Pirate."

Me to a teen getting some data entry done at a desk near mine: You can turn on the iTunes radio, since you'll be here for a while.
Him: I could just sing slave songs instead.

Other highlights of the week included:
Spontaneously performing a slow-motion hug with an 8-year-old upon her arrival;
My new mentee calling me a "freak." But, like. In a good way.

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