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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Just Googled "How to Wear a Poncho"

I love fall fashion.

It makes me think of Back to School.

I've needed a few wardrobe essentials for months.

My fall jackets are all getting ratty, which makes sense since some of them are just hand-me-downs from S.

And the only pair of brown boots I own have, like, a 3-inch heel and threads up the back. (They're not as slutty as they sound, but they're definitely not appropriate to wear with students.)

So I spent some time doing some "back-to-school" shopping, and found these and a SUPER cute khaki jacket that I'm already obsessed with.

I told my friend Jennifer about my successful haul, and this is what happened:

Jennifer: ugh love fall clothes
you should get a nice russet colored something
just anything russet

me: oooooh
good one
i have a russet cape thing
that i've never worn
that's what it's called
i LOVE fall clothes too

Jennifer: and then say it a lot "this is russet colored"

me: favorite

Jennifer: Me: can i borrow your poncho?
you: you mean the russet colored one?
even tho you just have one

me: i like it
let's recreate this
the thing about the poncho is
i need a cute HAND bag to carry with it
not a back pack or shoulder bag
and i can't figure out what to wear under it

Jennifer: nothing
oh my god, i'm cracking up
some chick wears a poncho thinking it's a shirt

i could probably wear a tank top of some sort
i dunno
it confuses me

Jennifer: i can't stop laughing

me: HAHAH! love it
are you at work?
making a fool of yourself

Jennifer: yes

According to the aforementioned Google search, I can wear virtually anything under it.

Don't think I'll go the nothing route.

Or the bikini top route either, which is one of the suggestions.

"Good morning, students...Yes, I am wearing a black bikini under my poncho. But, please note, the poncho is russet-colored!"