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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Consider It Your Duty...

Hello, loyal and trusted readers.

Please take a moment to notice the new badge on the left.

I have been chosen to be a contributing blogger on The Printed Blog, a new publication which prints the best blogs of the week.

As far as I understand it, celebrity contributing editors will read through the contributing blogs each week and pick the best posts to be published and distributed to paying subscribers. This means that I (GASP!) can get PAID for my posts IF you give me enough votes to make them notice!

Check out a New York Times article on The Printed Blog here.

This is a new and exciting idea, and I hope you will continue to support me as things here may begin to expand!

Thank you for all your support, thus far. I think it's fitting that I'm making this announcement as my 500th post!

PLEASE VOTE!!!! And, while you're at it, become a fan and/or a follower!

(I already voted for myself. Is that cheating?)

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