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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life with a Master's Degree

It's been a while since I posted because I've been extremely busy.

My days are now filled to the brim with these significant activities:

1. Playing games on games.com
2. Eating cookies
3. Watching Sex and the City
4. Watching everything on hulu I haven't seen yet, not to mention the 5 hours I devoted to watching the LOST series finale
5. Trying to find a new show to fill the void left by all my shows' seasons being over
6. Staying up too late
7. Staying in bed until the afternoon
8. Reading entertainment news even more obsessively than usual
9. Drinking
10. Mentally preparing for my big travels
11. Searching for the perfect pair of flipflops
12. Not reading

Even coming up with this list of more than ten things was hard.


I'mPissedOffBecause said...

DON'T start playing solitaire. You will never be able to do anything else. Not because it's terribly fun, but it will enrapture your mind.


Annie said...

dude, the games i'm playing are even worse. "click only red"? how is that even a game?

@emllewellyn said...

That's exactly how I was last year after I graduated. I don't recommend falling asleep in the sun and burning to a crisp. That was my accidental, health unconscious hobby for a few weeks last summer.

Annie said...

@em, glad to hear i'm not alone. i don't feel SO bad about doing these slothy things because i'll be working really hard starting 6/18...and traveling before. in fact, SUMMER'S OVER! NOOOOOOOO!

I'mPissedOffBecause said...

I'm just saying, when I got addicted to solitaire, I wasn't playing "games." It took over my life on its own. It was like one of those terrible godforsaken relationships and I was the whipped one and solitaire was wearing the pants. Not. Okay. I uninstalled it from my computer, though, so it's all good.

Annie said...

@pissed, wow. i had a relationship like that with snood in college. but uninstalling SOLITAIRE?! that's kind of amazing.

I'mPissedOffBecause said...

I think the main problem it that solitaire is so bland that it's difficult to get sick of. And I'm a special kind of pathetic.

catherine said...

I had a similar relationship with Tetris in my teen years. We can talk about it.

Annie said...

@catt, HA! i used to play spider solitaire so much, i would close my eyes and see the screen.