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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Important Decisions Before a Graduation Party

me: i was gonna get a six-pack of corona
and a bottle of champagne but that will be awkward too carry
S: anything is going to be awkward to carry
cuz it'll be heavy and liquid filled
me: but a six pack is more awkward than another bottle of something
S: true
me: but i don't know what else to bring
maybe TWO bottles of champagne
S: yeah!
or maybe... champagne and orange juice?
what time is the thing?
me: 6
S: or champagne and a bottle of tequila?
me: i just won't drink the tequlia
but i can provide it for others
S: will other people drink it?
me: i dunno
S: tequila and limes
final answer
me: where does one get limes?
S: or corona
me: i'm going to one place
well corona is where i started!
but i can't carry it
with my overnight stuff and my purse
S: champagne and cookies!
pot brownies

Yes, because the average liquor store sells champagne, tequila, limes, brownie mix, eggs, oil, and marijuana.

UPDATE: Naturally, I purchased two bottles of Prosecco.


catherine said...

This is too funny...especially when you receive tomorrow's delivery ;)

Annie said...

are you sending me marijuana?

Annie said...