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Monday, December 1, 2008

it's time for another confession

So. Ahem. Attention please.

Because the male population of my program is approximately...10...and most of them are gay...and the other few are engaged, strangely, and I'm certainly not meeting anyone else in Boston, I have gone and done something I never imagined I'd do.

Yes. It's true. I joined an online dating service.

A good friend of mine met someone she really digs on the site and said I should do it. So, after spending entirely too many hours alone over the weekend, I posted some pictures and wrote uber-witty profile answers and answered some questions and even messaged a few dudes who had written amusing profiles, bound and determined not to be alone for the rest of my life.

And now, I sign on and stare at my empty Inbox and wonder how I could possibly feel rejected by people about whom I know nothing except that they drummed up moderately clever screen names and posted blurry pictures. It just seems wrong.

BUT. I figure, since I feel the best I've felt about myself in quite a while, and I love Boston, I might as well have a little hope that I might snag a good date or two out of this impulse.

And now, you all know.

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