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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AI Top 12

OK ladies and gents (or lydees and jints, since I just came from a rehearsal at which I taught the Cockney dialect), here we go again. The 2nd annual American Idol live-blogging. Of course, don’t tell anyone, but I’m actually watching a DVR recording of the show. I would do this tomorrow, after sleeping, but I know that would disappoint my loyal fanbase.

Who’s excited about the Lennon-McCartney songbook being available to the contestants tonight? I AM! But does that mean that no one can sing “Here Comes the Sun” or “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” because George Harrison wrote those?

Ryan’s hair sure looks cute. Ooh, it’s a new opening sequence! Fancy! Wow! The band is up top; that’s fun! Mom says it looks like a theme park. It’s like they’re performing at Epcot every night. But mostly, I like Ryan’s hair.

Oh my God. Look at David Archuleta’s face as he walks toward his adoring crowd! I wanna squish him.

Hold up. Are they not even mentioning the other Beatles? That’s a little lame.

Please, just no one sing “Yesterday.”

Syesha’s up first and her family photos are darned cute. She’s singing “Got to Get You Into My Life,” and she’s nervous. But I like the brass and her hair. Just not her flat notes. 2nd verse was almost better; I think she mostly needs to relax. She ended pretty big, but I always guess that singing first is the kiss of death. Mom says “she’s cute but not that solid.” I agree. Simon saw the nerves too. I love when he and I notice the same thing.

Chikezie is up next and I heart his argyle vest and lime green tie. Apprently, Paula is very good at the airport. I believe that. Chikezie is a sweetheart. The end. He’s singing “She’s a Woman,” and what a departure for him. This is fascinating. I loved the beginning a lot; then I got confused. He seems relaxed though and I’m kind of mesmerized. I’m glad Simon liked it too; I’ve got to admit I was nervous. SHOW ME THE MONEY, ANYONE?

How does Ramiele follow that? I’m glad she’s not singing “Yesterday.” I bet that shout-out before “In My Life” was for Danny. She’s good, but I think she sounds like a Disney character, and it bores me. She gets points for picking one of the most beautiful Lennon-McCartney songs ever. Coherent advice from Paula, for once, and Simon thinks she can do better.

Jason Castro is so pretty, and he’s singing “If I Fell.” Everyone keeps talking about “Yesterday,” and I keep getting scared they’re all going to sing it. I wonder how far he’ll go on this soft-spoken, guitar strumming schtick. I generally like it, but I’m not sure it’ll win him the competition. And also, he makes funny faces when he sings high notes. I love it when Simon is both complimentary and constructive. It’s the best.

Carly is next. She’s one of my top two favorites, but I sense a bit of a diva in her. I dig “Come Together” for her, and I like her story and her fancy accent. Oh man, she’s great. I got a little teary and a little bit chilled. That’s the first time this season that’s happened, I think. (Part of that is because I watched David A.’s performance of “Imagine” on YouTube.)

David Cook is singing “Eleanor Rigby” next. Remember how Blake Lewis made my ankles sweat last year? This year, it’s David C. AND HE WEARS SPARKLY BLUE NAIL POLISH. Even better. I’m not sure this song should be messed with; it’s just not an arena anthem. I don’t think it was the best choice for him tonight. I miss the violins. All the judges appreciated the rock edge, but it didn’t sit right with me.

Brooke White is up, and she’s singing “Let it Be,” while playing the piano. This is lovely. Simple, pretty, solid (for the most part). And she’s crying, which we all know will get her votes. How much do we love Ryan for grabbing her shoes from under the piano?

David Hernandez was a stripper at a male club, in case you haven’t heard. He didn’t mention that in his interview though. He’s singing “I Saw Her Standing There.” This isn’t doing anything for me. His big notes are good, but something about him isn’t moving me. In short, meh.

Amanda is next. I like that we’re getting a better sense of the contestants in interviews this week. She’s singing “You Can’t Do That,” which I don’t believe I’ve ever heard. (Entertainment Weekly wanted her to sing “I Want You.” Wouldn’t that have been hot?) I secretly really like Amanda. I think her chill vibe is a refreshing factor to this whole phenomenon and she’s totally true to herself every week. Plus, I think she’s just a good musician. She’s downright GRINNING this week. We haven’t seen that yet. (Everyone, just stop fighting all the time. Jeez.)

Michael Johns is hot but in a really generic unmoving way. He’s singing “Across the Universe,” which I think is a brilliant choice. He’s a pro. This is my favorite performance of his so far this season. The great song probably helps. Randy said “tooken.” That upsets me. And Simon didn’t remember Carly’s name. Equally upsetting.

Kristy kickboxes. She’s also pretty and changing “Eight Days a Week” into a country song. Snooze. Mom says, “I haven’t liked her from the first week.” I hope she’s out. The judges weren’t down with it either.

That means David Archuleta is next and last. Cross your fingers he doesn’t sing “Yesterday.” (He’s the other of my top two favorites, in case you hadn’t guessed.) He only knows Stevie’s version of “We Can Work It Out.” Three cheers for no one singing “Yesterday”! OH NO! He forgot the WORDS! MORE THAN ONCE! I think his nerves have overwhelmed him. Oh man. I had a feeling he would lose his foothold a bit. It was inevitable. That is so sad!

Favorite of the Night: Carly, closely followed by Chikezie
On the Way Out: I hope it’s Kristy AND NOT DAVID A. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Syesha or Ramiele though.


Anonymous said...

It's so nice to have you back!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad you started this up again! This is SO exciting! I will tune in to hear your "funny as HELL" commentary of AI. I LOVE it!!!! - Dawnielle

gilsonwalker said...

YAY, you're back! Reading your blog is the highlight of my week!