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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

AI Top 11

Simon Cowell was on Oprah yesterday. I don’t know how long ago the taping was, but when prodded for his predictions, he said, “The frontrunner is David Archuleta right now, but keep your eyes on Jason Castro, David Cook, and Brooke White.” Lo and behold, when I checked EW.com’s Power List, David Archuleta and Jason Castro were tied, with David Cook and Brooke White very close behind them, in the viewer poll. That Simon is downright psychic…or he’s just really good at his job…or it’s all part of his evil world-domination scheme. Probably all three.

I do enjoy the new opening sequence, I must say. And I love how the globe is shown in that final shot, to instill the idea that the winner will end up conquering the WHOLE WORLD!

Oh god. Kristy Lee Cook is still on this show? I completely forgot about her.

Does anyone really believe there are any “new friends” watching? Doesn’t everyone in the WHOLE WORLD watch this show?

This week they get to sing from the ENTIRE Beatles songbook? How does one even begin to pick?

Amanda Overmeyer is first tonight, and she’s singing “Back in the USSR.” This is the first time it’s sounding like not-great karaoke to me, and I think the fact that she’s singing first is also not boding well for her. In the wise words of Mr. Jackson, it was “just aight fo’me.” I wonder if the truth is that Ms. Overmeyer just doesn’t really want to be there.

Something’s funny with Kristy Lee’s makeup tonight. She looka like a man. Tonight, she’s singing “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away,” and she admits that she didn’t know it before this competition. Oy. This isn’t horrendous. OK, the beginning wasn’t horrendous. The rest was nigh that. I think she just got unfocused after that first verse because the beginning wasn’t THAT bad. Ryan, speak for yourself. We don’t want you to stick around.

Ohhhh, David Archuleta. He is just too cute. He’s singing “The Long and Winding Road.” It’s unfortunate that he’s pigeon-holing himself to sing these slow, sad songs. I do agree with that previous Simon critique. This is really lovely though. Glad that’s out of the way; I was nervous. He looks relieved too.

(Oh, btw, I tried to buy Carly’s version of “Come Together” from last week on iTunes, under the false understanding that it was her live performance. Those versions aren’t live, and they don’t sound it. Lame.)

Michael Johns is doing “A Day in the Life,” which should be interesting. He just doesn’t move me. And a truncated version of this song doesn’t work either. This feels like a downright bastardization of this song, actually. I bet he’ll get votes for being hot for a few more weeks though.

Brooke White is singing “Here Comes the Sun”? I bet NONE of us could have predicted THAT. I like that the sound of her voice isn’t necessarily what one would expect coming out of that face, but this particular performance isn’t nearly as magical as last week’s. Awkward is the right word. My mom is such a cynic. She’s to the right of me blowing raspberries and calling this crappy. Brooke’s going to have a hard time with some of the themes coming up, I predict.

David Cook’s up next with “Day Tripper,” a la Whitesnake. I love him. He just knows what he’s doing. And he looks sexy as hell doing it. Oh my god, busting out the effects THIS early in the show. Good for him.

Carly Smithson is next with “Blackbird.” She’s good. I honestly have nothing else to write; I didn’t find it moving at all, but I think it was technically well sung. (BTW, Carly was down at #5 or 6 on the EW.com poll. I don’t think she’s all that likeable.) Did Simon just pinch his nipples as he announced he was uncomfortable?

Jason Castro is singing “Michelle,” which EW.com predicted he should sing, so that he will secure his spot as this season’s heartthrob. Good for them. I like this, and his French singing is pretty good too! He just makes funny faces when he sings sometimes.

Syesha should get kicked off the show just because she’s singing “Yesterday.” Seriously. We went through two weeks without hearing it, and now that’s ruined. Her solid voice is overshadowed by the cliché, in my opinion.

Chikezie is singing “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” and he’s playing the harmonica. Cute. But he’s trying to recreate last week, and it just can’t be done.

Ramiele is up last with “I Should Have Known Better.” She’s becoming more forgettable as the competition goes on.

Favorite of the Night: David A.
On the Way Out: Kristy Lee, please, or Ramiele (I imagine Amanda and/or Michael might also be at risk).

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gilsonwalker said...

I agree with your commentary completely! But I think America got it wrong. Amanda shouldn't have been sent home, it should have been Kristy Lee Cook.