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Monday, June 4, 2007

A Self-Inflicted New Assignment

I'm blogging about my own blogging assignment. How meta of me.

I had two requests within about 10 minutes for a new regular blogging column. My roommate pointed out I hadn't blogged in almost a week, and my brother told me he missed my American Idol column. I've missed it too, truth be told, but I've been without inspiration to start anything I could write about as regularly as everyone's favorite show, American Idol. And I just realized that blogging about TV shows besides American Idol is hard because AI is a show one doesn't really have to WATCH to write about. Unlike So You Think You Can Dance, for example. Or even House. Although I do love those shows and watch them faithfully enough to write about, I think live-blogging them would sort of decrease the experience for me and, thus, for you. And nobody wants that.

So, my brother suggested I write about an album a week. And considering I have 5 days' worth of music on my handy-dandy iPod, this project could go on for YEARS.

Expect the first one tomorrow evening. I know you're excited.


Rachiewrites said...

You better believe I am excited. I am always looking for new music ideas, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather get them from.

Ilana said...

Please to post more quickly. Your fans are impatient. ;)