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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Overheard at Work, vol. CXIV

February vacation week and this past week both went smoothly, with no weather interruptions beyond a late start one day because of the cold.

I'm just counting down to Daylight Savings Time, now that I realized it's NEXT WEEKEND!

15-year-old boy: Your Blue Diamond Almonds are BOLD. They have no fear. They're just...out in the world.

Colleague A: My earlobes are stretched because I used to be a hood rat. Well. I'm still a hood rat.

10-year-old boy, commenting on a colleague's drawing: A warehouse? What kind of warehouse?
Me: ...your mom.

13-year-old girl, looking at the games on my phone: You like...Activia Crack?!

13-year-old girl: Why does she want you to wear a dress?
Me: Because she thinks I should be girlier.
Girl: That's better though! It's good to keep expectations low.

15-year-old girl: He said he's an OG. An old gangsta.

Me, to a 7-year-old girl: Your mind is fascinating. I wanna spend some time in there.
7-year-old girl: You are in my mind. In a gown. At a ball.

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