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Friday, September 13, 2013

To My Cousin's Daughter, on Her 3rd Birthday

Dear E.W.E.,

How are you already 3?

Well, perhaps a better question is, how are you 3 years old with the mind and soul of a much older person?

Sometimes you sass your mama with such attitude, I know exactly what you’ll be like when you’re 16. Or you ask a question with such wisdom and depth, I could swear you’re 50.

Or maybe that you lived a very full and adventurous past life, and now you’ve returned to this world as a hilarious, strong, imaginative child.

A child who, I have no doubts, will change the world.

Simply, you are extraordinary.

You are good at everything you try, whether it be your letters or your speech or your throwing and catching or drumming or charming people or twirling or dancing or jumping.

I am in awe of you.

Your strength of will, your intensity, your confidence in who you are, and your astounding empathy.

I have never met a child so genuinely curious.

You ask, “Mama, what’s YOUR favorite color? Pretzel, what’s YOUR favorite fruit?”

You say “NO” with such conviction, we all stand back.

You tell stories like you have so many coiled up inside you, you’ll never run out of words to share with us.

You want everyone to watch you hop. Or jump. Or dive. Or swim.

And, so we watch.


What will you do next?

I can’t wait to see.

Go, E.W.E.


I love you. Happy birthday.


Annie Pretzel

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