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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Overheard at Work, vol. LXXXII

We all got through our first week back with the kids, though this week was Open House, so we had shorter programming hours. Next week is our first full programming week, and I hope it doesn't make me feel like I got hit by a train.

Colleague A, remembering being in a hot tub at our staff retreat: I feel like I'm going on myself and it feels so nice.

Colleague B, discussing milkshakes, but also life: If I'm going to do it, I wanna regret it.

14-year-old girl, having a particularly bad day: I wanna be a Teletubby so bad. They always smile.

10-year-old girl, taking a game of Musical Chairs VERY seriously: Two boys, two girls. We have to win it for MOTHER RUSSIA!

15-year-old girl: 3:40, it gets CRAZY! That's when the delinquents come!
Me: Delinquents? That's rude!
Girl: At least I used a big word!

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