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Friday, July 13, 2012

Overheard at Work, vol. LI

We're three weeks into our summer programming, which is kind of bananas.

Summer means we are open all day long, as opposed to just afternoons. My schedule has made me a day walker again, and also someone who wakes up before 7 AM every day. I've adapted nicely, I think.

I've been collecting quotes for several weeks since the days pass in a flash of hundreds of kids and that often means that nothing particularly stands out from the cacophony.

"I can't be showing all my goodies to people who don't eat candy."--my colleague, talking about something in the vicinity of sex, I think.

She's also the person who said this: "Ryan Gosling's nostrils are so sexy, I want to crawl up in them."

"I'm a grown man. I have chin hair."--teen, when his age and maturity were questioned.

"Lemme see your tweets."--teen, while riding on the train home with me. It didn't strike me as vulgar until I relayed the story to my roommate, but I'm pretty sure he really just wanted to see my twitter feed.

"Fruitcake!"--12-year-old's epithet, which she used when I told her the plum she was eating was beautiful but she couldn't eat it in the room where we were.

Me, to my sick supervisor: Do you need ibuprofen? DayQuil?
Supervisor: I need "Eye of the Tiger."
Cue me singing it to her, while jumping around her office, while she shadowboxed with a belt around her head. Yep.

12-year-old while playing Bananagrams: Tier. Like tier of a cake. I watch Cake Boss too much.

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