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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm Real Tired Because I Dreamed This Right Before Waking Up

I had a dream right before I woke up (at 6:45, bleh).

It was super vivid then but now, less than an hour later, it's already begun to fade.

Something about how everyone (including my mom and my friend from work) slept really late and made us late to go see Neil Patrick Harris (referred to from now on as NPH) in a Broadway musical called The Entertainer.

And I was so pissed because I haven't seen a Broadway show in years and nobody seemed as upset about it as I was. And we kept stopping to buy snacks and just kept getting later and later. And my friend was like, "Oh, you owe me money for snacks." And I was like, "You owe me money because we're missing seeing NPH in The Entertainer."

And then NPH was actually with us and wanted to buy 11 pistachio muffins for some reason.

And then I saw him fly through an open window where Coby Smulders, who was sort of dressed like a man because of something that had happened earlier, (she plays Robin on How I Met Your Mother, by the way) was waiting with candles and then they shared their first kiss, and NPH was like, "Totally worth it."

(The pistachio muffins were for her, the symbol of 11 months of something.)

And then the theme song from Perfect Strangers played.

So basically, my subconscious writes sitcoms.


MeredithDuck said...

Oh how I love me some NPH. And the Perfect Strangers theme song? Way too perfect. I have the weirdest dreams. Did you have some spicy food before bedtime?

Annie said...

No spicy food. Cookies and wine?