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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good thing we crack ourselves up.

C: did you listen to those songs

me: yes

C: nothing?

me: eh

C: I'm going through an R&B phase

me: i bought the beyonce album
speaking of r&b

C: no
I mean good R&B
hey ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

me: HA
it's pop
but it's also interesting
this album's all african and shit

C: like you

me: LOL

C: Africannie

me: ooh
i like it
africannie: the new musical by the makers of ANNIE and THE LION KING

C: hahahahaha
lolzy mclolz

me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zi BEN YA baba deeee seee babaaaaaaa
sitty boooom wen ya baaaaa wen ya baaaaaaa

C: I just searched the internet for an image of a black Annie Warbucks

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