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Friday, August 26, 2011

Things That Have Happened Since I Posted Last

1. I survived a particularly exhausting week of work right before an awesome vacation.

2. I traveled across the country where I
a. ate tasty taco truck food at 2 AM (5 AM my time) after a 9-hour day and 6-hour flight
b. had a super tasty picnic in the park by Lake Merritt where geese began to encircle us like a Hitchcock film
c. helped the bride with important last minute tasks like seating lists and copies of directions
d. saw friends I've known for 10 years, drank wine, and giggled late into the night
e. got an updo that took 2 hours to make
f. donned a superfabulous purple one-shouldered dress
g. literally hiked through the woods to get to the stunning redwood photo site
h. read part of a poem in one of the most beautiful weddings at one of the most beautiful locales on one of the most beautiful days of weather ever
i. made a speech that made the bride and party cry and laugh at the just the right times
j. did NOT get drunk and danced for about 3 1/2 hours until late into the evening (seriously, first on the dance floor)
k. traveled to Los Angeles where I played for three days with a 5 year old, his 4 month old brother, and his two amazing mommies.

3. I returned to work after my vacation and began a serious search for a new visual art instructor, which has required several 1/2 hour phone interviews and, so far, three over-two-hour long interviews and demos.

4. At the same time, I put up the first play ever to be performed at work, with 10 weeks of sporadic attendance from the kids and three hours in this last week of rehearsal/costume making/set dressing.

5. I survived our end-of-summer event, which involved running a Spelling Bee activity in the morning, organizing the afternoon, two showings of the play, a flash mob dance to this song, and the summer award winners throwing pies of whipped cream into staff members' faces (not mine).

Now I am bracing myself for Hurricane Irene, which really means I am going to sleep early with no plans of leaving my bed this weekend except to play games with my cousin and maybe do my laundry.


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