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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mr. Miyagi would be so proud.

So, we all know that I'm a fan of TV.

Lately, I've been rewatching the entire series of Scrubs and it's seriously reigniting my Zach Braff crush.

I'm also a fan of reality TV but not a ridiculous, obsessive fan.

Like, I don't watch Jersey Shore, for example.

I have, however, become newly fascinated by the horrible schlock show Celebrity Apprentice but mostly because Marlee Matlin's on it and I am totally in love with her. Also, I didn't know who Lil Jon or Nene Leakes were before the show, and now I love them both.

And Dionne Warwick is a horrible person who thinks that teaching 4- and 5-year-olds about deaf people is bringing them too much diversity.

Anyway, I like to be kept informed about the other significant reality phenomena around me. So I read and occasionally watch clips of this season's Dancing with the Stars.

And it features Ralph Macchio.

You know, this guy!

Except, today, he looks like this.


Like, it is freaky.

And he does this:

But, my absolute favorite part of that clip is that he named his son--WAIT FOR IT!--Daniel.

As in, Daniel-san.



Anonymous said...

Ralph is endearing! But his eyes are ringed in black like he does not sleep or something, which bothers me. He doesn't look healthy. But he is sweet and unaffected.

I do not know this show, having no t.v. gosh, i could watch it on hulu, right?

i mean, old ones?

Annie pie, you should be the stage manager or something on a t.v. show or something. Because teaching is hard! I loved it for ten years and then struggled until i finally truly burned out. SO BE SURE YOU PACE yourself, as i did not. You must be able to last and keep your health. Teaching is part of what gave me chronic fatigue syndrome! Lots of teachers get it.

Annie said...

he does look very pasty and tired!

janey, you are so sweet! teaching IS hard. i am not ONLY teaching, but managing and working with a great, cohesive, supportive staff. my job is exhausting and very difficult and truly fulfilling. and i am thrilled.

how do you pace yourself when there are 300 students in the building and it is part of your responsibility to make sure they're safe and where they're supposed to be?

i go to work and then i come home and rest. but what else?

MeredithDuck said...

I love the Celebrity Apprentice this season. The men's team is so entertaining, the women's is a bit of a train wreck. My husband and I actually cheered when Dionne was kicked off. Gary Busey and Meatloaf are the highlight of my Sunday, I'm waiting for the big blowup fight that they keep showing on the previews.

And Zach Braff, I'm sorry honey, but he's my celebrity crush. I'm not sharing.

Annie said...

yes! i've been watching it after the fact because i can't justify spending two hours in front of the tv watching it, but i'm fine with sitting for an hour and a half in front of my computer, watching it secretly :)