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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Carrie Got Dumped on a Post-It, But...

That's just fiction.

In reality, getting rejected via email doesn't sting any less.

I could spin a funny, witty, cutting yarn about my recent foray into online dating.

It involves contacting someone on the stupid site, right after my PREVIOUS rejection, emailing him for less than a week, being impressed with his wit via email, meeting him at one of my favorite restaurants (his pick), being pleasantly surprised by what he looked like, feeling very awkward at paying for my own food and drink on our first meeting, spending almost 4 hours with him that night, having him walk me to my train station (out of his way), assessing the date as a solid B, while being concerned at his apparent lack of warmth, worrying about hearing from him for two days, hearing from him, making a second date, shaving and dressing up for it, deciding that I actually liked him while spending another almost 5 hours with him, walking in the rain, being totally impressed with his candor, getting kissed good night, thinking about making plans this week, sending him a text because I knew he knows people in Japan, and, basically, having him write me back that he didn't want to see me anymore.

It's not actually a funny story.

And, while I'm totally sitting here, shocked and confused, trying to make sense of whatever is going on his head, and, at the same time, understanding that I WILL NEVER KNOW, I'm also thinking...

Dude. That was a big mistake.

You are missing out.

Because I am fucking amazing.

Good luck finding whatever it is you're looking for...*cough* at 32 and after six years of online dating *cough*

In this case, I know, it's not me.

It's you.


Laura said...

Annie! I swapped email with you today, and was thinking of you, and remembered, "Oh yeah! Annine has a blog. I should see what's she's up to!" I read this post and it brought a huge smile to my face. Not the fact that your date was an impolite douche bag, but that fact that your attitude is so positive. You are spot on. Keep doing your thang!

Annie said...

ha! well...it still smarts. but i also know that that guy is missing out. :) thanks for the blog love!

J. Orbom said...

Maybe you shoulda shown your boobs?
Kidding. He's a tool, I'm sure. You're a rockstar of amazingness and I hope you have a fantastic day. Don't bogart the sundae.

Annie said...

s thinks he has mommy issues. HA. thanks for the support.