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Friday, February 4, 2011

Overheard at Work, vol. V

I have to preface this post by apologizing for its brevity. Sometimes my job is so intense and the days go by so fast and I talk to so many kids that I don't actually remember anything they said.

That is, nothing stands out.

On top of that, this was ANOTHER terrible week of weather with us having a short day Tuesday and a snow day Wednesday.

AND, it took me one hour and fifty minutes to get home tonight, so I am fried.

"Show the giant pencil to [the music teacher]. For some reason, I think he would appreciate it!"--me
"I know! His hands are huge! He could hold it and it'd be a normal pencil!"--10-year-old girl

"Sportsmanship!"--the 13-year-old's defense for swatting his friend on the butt.

"Are you OK? Are you traumatized?"--the music teacher's hilarious and inadequate response to the swat-ee's state.

"I just don't understand!"--9-year-old's lament.

"Kick his butt! Kick his butt!"--my demand to an 11-year-old boy's beating a volunteer in the drum-off they were going to have.
"I'll go easy."--his super-confident and perfect response

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