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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Unemployment and TV (Like Every Other Post...)

Wednesdays are hard.

I have all this TV from Tuesday night that I have to catch up on because I watch Glee and then I'm always so worn out from the emotion of it that I stop watching TV for the night.

And by then, I've missed the first half of The Biggest Loser anyway and for some reason I've started watching the ABC Family show Melissa and Joey.

What has my life become?

This Wednesday was particularly hard because I had a two and a half hour interview for a Program Manager job. Mind you, I met three people in that time frame, but by about 11:30, I was visibly fading and needed a snack.

(I think things went well though, and I just spent some time crafting good thank you notes, so we'll just stay cautiously optimistic for the moment. Also, RM wants to hire me part time as her personal assistant--HURRAH!--and I start tomorrow, so things are maybe, possibly starting to shift. Good thing too, since I can pay November rent and then I'm...how you say...fucked.)

And I came home to all this TV to watch.


The Biggest Loser alone took almost two hours.

And there were two episodes of Raising Hope I needed to watch.

Plus, that aforementioned insult to sitcoms, Melissa and Joey.

The thing is, though, it's kind of charming.

It's like the new Who's the Boss? with Melissa Joan Hart playing a city councilwoman who has taken in her estranged sister's teenaged kids and needs help. Joey Lawrence (yes, he's going by Joey again, not the more adult Joseph. Performing on Dancing with the Stars probably killed any credit he had for being a serious actor) plays a businessman who lost a lot of money in a bad deal and takes on the "manny" role.

And I just watch, waiting for the inevitable steps the characters will take to romance. And confused as to how Melissa Joan Hart became so famous, when all she seems to do is make a lot of faces (all the while, wearing clothes that make me think of S because they would all look SO GOOD on her).

Joey Lawrence is totally a good actor, though.


kierst10 said...

My nerd is about to show, but I don't care. Did you ever watch "Brotherly Love" with all three of the Lawrence brothers? It was a great show and your post made me think of it. I have not seen Melissa and Joey, so I cannot judge, but I hope it is good. Whoa!

Annie said...

i DO remember brotherly love!! i always had a crush on matt before he started doing speed or whatever it is he was doing...

NeuroticLover said...

I don't care what anybody says I'm a Lawrence brothers fan. I go way back to brotherly love too...and even, I must say, Blossom. Even though as they got older the little one got kind of weird looking, and after Boy Meets World Matt dropped off the face of the earth... But hey, at least Joey's working.

Annie said...

I'm totally a fan too. I think they're all charming. And, dude, the youngest one got HOT! No?