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Thursday, December 17, 2009

LOLing at the office

(discussing baby names)
me: you're "serious" about rhyme?
why would you be "serious" about rhyme?
S: i think it's actually a good name!
for a little black child of a famous performer
me: you're insane.
S: hahahaa
me: get on it.
S: finding a famous black performer to knock me up?
it's probably not that hard
me: gross
i thought YOU were the famous performer
and babydaddy is black
S: hahahaha
i don't know
at this rate i don't think i'm
going to be famous
so i leave it to the father to be both famous and black
me: that's a lot of pressure!
S: this is hilarious
me: i love how sometimes you act like you wanna be a trophy wife
S: i would totally marry someone rich! i don't think i could be a trophy wife though
i'm not pretty enough
and i don't want to get a boob job and such
me: well marrying someone rich is one thing but marrying someone because he's rich is another
S: well, i just think that rhyme can't be the name if he's just a regular kid
it has to be a famous person's kid
you know, so he can play with apple and moses
me: right
and coco
and bluebell
S: exactly
me: and bronx
and moxie
and pilot
S: i really thought you wrote blueball
who is named bluebell???
me: and jermajesty
geri halliwell's kid
S: jermajesty would totally play with rhyme
jermajesty can BABYSIT rhyme
that is hilarious
oh my god

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