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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

planning my life

It's nearly time for Fall 2009 registration, and I'm sitting here, at my desk in RM's office, obsessively trying to plan for a year that will be jam-packed. I have to squeeze 16 more credits out of the school, four of which will be taken up by student teaching my final semester here, four of which I could potentially get by ALSO doing a master's project, which I think I'd LIKE to do but have not focused on yet, and eight I must get with classes that I still need to take, or want to take, or both.

I suppose some may perceive all these great decisions yet to be made as an embarrassment of riches. I just need to make sure that whatever I end up putting on my plate is something I can handle. I think, ideally, I'd like to take two classes next semester (Contemporary Issues in Education and Playwriting for Youth) and perhaps get the ball rolling and even begin a master's project, since I can make time for that during the week next semester, navigating around my assistantship duties. THEN, I'd just have to student teach (ha, I say just--I'm required to complete 300 hours in the semester) and maybe take one more class, if I care to. I could also just student teach and focus on my master's project, which might be the best bet.

Anyone have any suggestions? My brain's going to explode.

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