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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Whatever Happens in Vegas Stays on the Internet

First, some observations about probably one of the strangest places I've ever visited:
1. Exclaiming about the heat in the desert in June never gets old.
2. The food in Vegas hotels and casinos is not as bad or as good as I expected. In fact, we had good meals at The Venetian (fine pizza and pasta and DRINKS at Canaletto), Treasure Island (good, solid brunch at Coffee Shop), and the champagne brunch at The Bellagio. Bad meals included the Cafe (undercooked sausage), Diablo's Cantina (too expensive, uninspired Mexican food), and Brew Pub (romaine lettuce, egg, and cheese as a "house salad") at the Monte Carlo.
3. Dancing in clubs in Vegas is actually shifting from left to right as people walk by, leaving the dance floor or trying to find a space to move.
4. The fountain show at The Bellagio is the best free show in town.
5. One gets tired of walking the strip quickly.
6. The pool at the Monte Carlo is hilarious and fun but the water tastes like ass.
7. Drinking Prosecco while walking around a mall is probably the most indulgent thing I've ever done and was the highlight of the weekend.
8. The karaoke club at the Imperial Palace is where you will hear some of the absolute worst karaoke of your entire life, but it's also totally worth hearing.

Some choice quotes from the weekend; I'll leave it to you to judge who said what, and keep in mind, we stayed remarkably sober this weekend:
"No picking your nose in Vegas!"
"No stabbing the suede in Vegas!"
"I'm going to be revisiting that beef all weekend!"
"Remember when Mark was going to be my pianist?" "Now he's hers!"
"I like to nuzzle with my pubis."
"There's like salt and sugar on my rim." "It's like a chocolate covered pretzel."
"We can set up boundaries first. But I'll say yes to anything."
"How much is the orange juice?" "$5.25." "Are you cocking me?"
"More squishin' for the pushin'."
"Can I throw you up and pick you?"
"There's no room to have a vibe. There's only room for ass-cock contact."
"There's going to be a lot of cock in my blog."
"I love [Pecorino]. It's like my baby."

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Kendra said...

omg, it sounds like such a kick. I certainly know who said "there's going to be a lot of cock in my blog."