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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

what I learned this weekend

1. I am a better Scrabble player than I expected, but that last round was a tight race (and my brother wins the Scattergories trophy).
2. FM Transmitters are the best invention ever.
3. My 87-year-old grandmother thinks I don't need to lose weight and that I should get a dog, even though I told her several times I can't afford one and don't have space for one.
4. Diners in upstate New York do not carry fruit.
5. Two dinners in a row at a Chinese buffet is bearable, but three is crossing the line.
6. It's strange to spend 4 straight hours with your family and not drink.
7. When I am 56, I will look 50; when I am 62, I will look 40; and when I am 87, I will look 75. (I've got good genes on my side.)

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Rachiewrites said...

I love what you learned.