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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Escape to the West

Last night I had a dream that New York City was under attack and I needed to find some place safe to go. So S and I fled to this family's house, but we were unsafe there because we were underground and wouldn't be able to escape if a bomb hit. But when we re-emerged and boarded an above-ground train, that was also unsafe, and we all held our breath as we passed over the bridge on the train, in plain sight of the military.

Suddenly, all these public transportation vehicles were passing us by and one of them said Portland, so I jumped on it and S followed. We were escaping to my brother's house! Of course, a bus ride to Portland would have taken days, so we were waiting to be connected to flights, and this stagemanager was arranging them for us, but she needed to first know what our past theater experiences were.

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