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Friday, July 27, 2007

so bogus

As I was walking home this afternoon, I was nearly cut off by a little boy on a battery-operated truck. He seemed to be having a wonderful time. His sister followed him closely behind, little also and pouting.

Then, I heard a call. "NINOOOOO!" The mother of the two kids had obviously lost control of them. I passed the psychic who sits outside a restaurant on 7th Avenue and hocks people for $2 to let her read their fortunes. She called again, "NINOOOOOOO!" Then, she called to me, "How would you like to get read today?"

"Lady," I thought to myself while ignoring her, "if you're not psychic enough to anticipate your children hightailing it away from you on battery-operated vehicles, no way am I going to let you tell me about my future for $2."


Kendra said...

lovely. I love psychic jokes.

Rachiewrites said...

Oh, that psychic is SO gonna not do well . . . I predict. :)