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Friday, October 11, 2013

Overheard at Work, vol. LXXXIV

It's been a remarkably busy but productive and smooth couple of weeks. We are running our entire fall program, including Saturday programming and late-night Fridays.

I've managed to continue to stay on top of things, rather than chasing them, which I inevitably do at some point each season.

I always collect fewer quotes when it's busy!

Colleague A, after giving me a high five that left much to be desired: Was it the worst you've ever had?

Colleague B, to a teen girl: Your brother is getting sassy lately!
16-year-old girl: It's cuz he's watching Full House now!

14-year-old girl, a propos of nothing much: Don't nuns get horny and have to like please their needs?

Me, to a colleague, regarding his inability to keep a secret: You ruined everything!
Colleague: I usually hear that from women.

9-year-old boy, lingering at the office door, then peeking his head in: Hashtag I made a necklace!

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