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Friday, October 19, 2012

Overheard at Work, vol. LVI

Finally feeling slightly on top of things at work...On top of things, mind you.Not ahead of them...which my supervisor says is pretty darn good.

13 year old, to me: You have a boyfriend, not a husband?
Me: I have no one.
Her: You have us!

Me, to middle schoolers: What are you guys doing?
12 year old: Walking and talking and living our lives!

Me: How old are you?
Alumna: 20.
Me: What? What do you do?
Alumna: I'm in beauty school. Learning how to do weave--I mean, hair!

9 year old, to a middle schooler on crutches: Are those real?

11 year old, about her crush: I don't think he's gone through puberty yet.
Me: Oh, has his voice changed?
Her: No, his voice is really high.
Me: You haven't gone through puberty yet either!
Her: How do you know? Wait, what's puberty? Is that when you get your period and boobs?

Colleague: Do you always talk this much?
11 year old: Yes! My mother said I used to talk so much when I was a baby, she'd put a diaper over my head. JK. That's a false story.

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