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Friday, September 28, 2012

Overheard at Work, LIV

It was a very busy week at work, so I only had one quote, until this afternoon, when I was visited by a couple very hilarious kids, so I collected many more quotes at the last minute today.

"I need some professional help!"--an eight-year-old during homework time.

All of the following quotes are from this afternoon:

Colleague: What's your favorite color?
8-year-old: TARTAR SAUCE!

And these last few quotes are all from one of my favorite kids, an 11-year-old who has been in my programming for a year, works super hard at school, and lives with her strict Haitian parents who overextend her and pressure her to do better than her best. She is amazing.

Plus, we have the same birthday.

"You do random things. I never know when to expect you."--to me, after I showed her the food in my mouth.

"You should think about getting married."--to me. (Grumblegrumble.)

Me: [about my colleague] Her hands and feet are really big! You should go put your hand up against hers.
11-year-old: Are they soft or cold?
Me: Those aren't opposites!
11-year-old: No. I meant what I said.

And, as she left, "We should have a sleepover. We could talk about plastic waste. And recycling."

I love her so much.

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