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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Overheard at Work, vol. LII

Who else is utterly shocked that it's August?

As you can see from my previous post, I've had an insane couple of weeks at work. This culminated in me getting a migraine late last night, just before I take my first vacation since January. (I'm not entirely surprised, but it sucks nonetheless.) Took the morning off to sleep in a bit and then headed right back into work. Relieved and looking forward to getting a small break!

"Isn't Ke$ha just like a drunk Taylor Swift?"--teen, as he and his group were discussing artists to emulate for a music project

"She's a bumblebee!"--teen, describing her friend who is both Asian and Black

"No one waves nowadays."--teen, cutting me down and yet potentially speaking truth?

After the community-building training we did last week, the teens that participated and I were inspired to walk around the city and club with signs offering "Free High 5's!" So, before I left work at one point this week, I walked around the whole club carrying one of the signs, and one 12-year-old stopped me to say, "Excuse me, the only signs I'll read say 'Free Tacos.'"

I can't say I blame him.

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