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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post-Election News (Blues?)

You would think it's kind of funny and ironic of America to have recently elected Sean Duffy into the House Seat in Wisconsin.

He of Real World: Boston fame and married to Rachel Campos, she of Real World: San Francisco fame. (It sometimes still freaks me out that these people have last names, and that their lives continued after the notoriety of their reality TV appearances.)

You'd think, oh! America has a sense of humor! And, wow, those Gen-Xers must have really come out in spades to vote and make a statement about the political importance of mid-90s MTV.

Because Sean was on a season of The Real World famous for introducing the world to the term "lipstick lesbian" and for that one hostile red-head (as if I don't really know her name: MONTANA!) being fired and almost kicked out of the house for offering the students they were volunteering with some alcohol.

Except, Sean is like, SUPER conservative, and just keeps knocking Rachel up. (They have six kids.)

So, mostly, this just makes me nervous.

(Leave it to me to make even a political post about TV.)

(In other Real World-related news, Matt from the New Orleans cast apparently delivered his new baby daughter on the side of the highway.

Why do I know these things?)


Ella said...

I fear for our nation.

Beat of my Heart... said...

I did hear about this. And I was similarly puzzled by this. Aren't they all just supposed to jump on the real world/road rules challenges for the rest of their lives? I didn't realize giving politics a whirl was an option!

Does that show still exist btw?

Annie said...

I think those shows DO still exist. It makes me feel really old to realize that I don't even recognize the contestants anymore. Except for people like Beth S., from Real World LA who keeps showing up even though she's like 45.