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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Job, vol. IX: the Dogs are Barking edition

Good lord, my body hurts.

Things I did today:
Went to Walgreen's to fill the backpack for my afternoon position as "Staff Morale" person (more on that later);
Worked as part of a human conveyor belt to empty a room literally full of blankets and fill another room with said blankets four stories up (I love my job);
Met and greeted families as they unloaded what seemed like YEARS' worth of luggage;
Spent three hours lugging aforementioned luggage from street to campus;
Walked someone's grandmother to campus from the car, carrying a suitcase in one hand and a Klondike bar in the other;
Ate a lunch on my 10-minute break I had packed at breakfast;
Spent three hours roaming campus as the "Staff Morale" person, and by "Staff Morale" person, I mean Snack Person, also known as Candy Woman;
Met and greeted 22 high school senior girls who are living in my building for three weeks;
Tried to engage 22 high school senior girls in name and get-to-know-you games before dinner;
Led 22 high school senior girls around a campus tour;
Tried to engage 22 high school senior girls in name and get-to-know-you games after dinner, while also introducing rules;
Somehow managed to get online before 11 PM.


Rachiewrites said...

Reading your blog with avid interest. Grateful you've had time so far to post. Won't be surprised if we don't hear from you again for several days. Good luck, Annie! Proud doesn't begin to cover it. XXX

gilsonwalker said...

Love to read all about this. It is WONDERFUL that you are blogging this experience!

Sending you love and strength!



Rachiewrites said...

Just reread to this point from the beginning, and will now proceed ahead. Laughed out loud at description of "staff morale" person. XXX