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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am a Pop Culture Genius, Vol. VII: the Free Stuff Edition

Since we've been without internet in my apartment for almost 3 weeks (a situation that will be amended for once and for all next Thursday), I have been frequenting the local wifi cafe. Luckily, it's also a pleasant, warm place with a lovely staff and pretty good food.

Everyday, they have a trivia game where you can win a small coffee if you get the question right. I always check the questions out and pretend I know the answers and sometimes I know part of it, but I've never won anything.

Today, the question is "In 1990, the Academy Award for Best Picture went to...?" and I GOT IT RIGHT! I don't drink coffee, but I did get a free tea with my breakfast bagel.

The answer is here.

Now, be honest. How many of you knew that?


Rachiewrites said...

You are a pop genius. I am dying to know how your New York shows were!

Love Chronicles said...

um, i guessed Philadelphia. i lose.