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Monday, August 6, 2007

Anybody else remember these guys?

Last night I was at Wood Ranch, a BBQ restaurant near my cousins' house in Los Angeles. It's very family friendly, so we brought the grandmother and the one-year old. (It's their regular spot, in fact.) When our waiter came up to greet us, I recognized him immediately as Trevor from O-Town. (He's the one singing "Cuz you...and I, etc." in that video and in the red shirt and strange blond dread things in this video . God, these songs are awful.)

He was incredibly sweet, a gifted waiter, in fact, and after I ordered a Sierra Nevada, that's what he called me. I think he was a little surprised that I recognized him, flattered even. I was determined to ask him if he was still singing and apparently, he's singing and acting here in Los Angeles and even still in contact and working with the other boys.

It was the only celebrity sighting I've had so far in LA. Most of my time here has been spent chasing after a one-year old and napping in the afternoon. Oh, the glories of a true vacation.

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