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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

AI Top 11

Before we begin, I’d like to officially announce that I am 1 for 1 for elimination predictions. Bye Brandon…

I was obsessing about making it home in time for the 8:00 showtime for like 18 hours. I went to sleep thinking about it. And then of course, at the subway station 4 stops from my house, the thought occurred to me that wishing for a subway to appear is like watching a pot boil. I did make it home at 10 to 8 tonight though.

And…it’s British Invasion Night with the top 11! Who’s excited? I’m hoping someone attempts to sing “Paint it Black,” and my prediction is that the Beatles’s catalog is not available to these kids. Stupid MJ. Not sure how I’m going to eat dinner and type at the same time…but I’ll try.

Paula thinks of Simon naked. And now we know. Oh good…the Beatles. But will anyone actually sing one of their songs?

I lose. I don’t know who Peter Noone or Lulu is.

Haley sings first tonight…they must want her gone. She’s singing “Tell Him,” and Lulu gave her brilliant advice. Girl needs to cut her notes short to get her away from her Broadway sound. I thought the beginning and bridge were the strongest parts of her performance. She is certainly fighting to stay. The song struck me as too long. But she is pretty. Certainly the prettiest girl in the competition. Simon predicted people talking about “a lot more than her singing tonight,” perhaps the fact that she wasn’t really wearing a shirt.

Chris Richardson is singing “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying.” This evening will be interesting because I don’t think I’ll be familiar with a lot of what they sing. Noone wants him to sing it more like it’s written. How novel. I think Chris is brave. Last week, he was the first to jump into the crowd. Tonight, he’s the first to begin a song sitting, with just a guitar accompanying him. If only this performance weren’t so boring. His ending was very Justin Timberlake, albeit strong. I loved his reaction when Paula called him “sexy.” Kind of like, hell yeah…oh wait, that’s embarrassing. Very cute.

Stephanie Edwards in bright blue says song choice is the hardest part of getting ready each week. She’s singing “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.” Lulu praised her groundedness; I got a little teary when she said she sang the whole thing looking into her eyes. Intense. I liked the beginning of the song because I thought she tapped into the emotion well. But then she seemed to falter and ended flat. She may be at risk this week. Paula seems to think she’s lost her spirit a little. This competition is hard on these poor kids.

You’ll be happy to know I finished the lovely dinner my roommate cooked for me and did most of the dishes and it’s not even 8:40 yet.

Blake is singing “Time of the Season” (is that what it’s called?). Noone warned against the business getting in the way of the song. Spot on. That is what the song is called, by the way. Blake is such a smart singer. He is making all of these songs seem brand new. He might run away with the competition if the BBLs falter or cancel each other out. I think he runs out of breath sometimes though. And also, I am in love with the shape his mouth makes when he sings. Ryan + white boy dancing + Blake beat-boxing = hilarity. I bet Ryan and Blake get drunk together on their downtime.

LaKisha is next. She’s singing “Diamonds Are Forever,” even though Lulu gave her a demonstration of “You’re My World.” LaKisha has such an old-fashioned look and sound. I love it. And she’s owning the stage in a way I didn’t expect from her. I think she’s done better, but she certainly hit the money note at the end. Simon thought she was playing old and then got indignant about it. Those stools gave her an issue too. How impractical are they? LaKisha is sassy, telling Simon she hopes she looks that good in 40 years. I like her. And why is it always with the BBLs that Ryan and Simon have gay banter?

Phil is singing “Tobacco Road.” He came out swinging, but my roommate says he’s just not as cool as he thinks he is. I think he just needs to be hotter and we’d eat it all up. I am uninspired by this performance. He’s such a cheesy white guy but he ended well. I agree with Simon that his voice lacks grit AND that he’s vulnerable tonight. It also looks like there’s schmutz all over his shirt.

Jordin always looks lovely. She strikes me as legitimately smart too. She’s singing “I Who Have Nothing,” which Lulu gooed all over herself about. Her rehearsal gave us chills. She looks even more beautiful when she sings. I love when that happens. Uh oh, this girl is going to give them all a run for their money. Good for her.

I almost vomited when Sanjaya showed us his tonsils before the commercial. My roommate is threatening to walk out if he sings a Rolling Stones song. AI is going to lose viewers if this kid stays on for much longer. Not me, mind you…but some. Noone attests that he doesn’t have the experience to sell what he’s got. He’s singing “You Really Got Me.” He made someone in the audience cry, but it looks like it was out of pure pre-pubescent joy. It just sounds like he’s hurting himself. I think he may have actually found his niche, though. I was almost convinced…He’s totally safe again this week.

Gina was told she needs to be edgy. So now she wears shredded black shirts. I KNEW SOMEONE WAS GOING TO SING PAINT IT BLACK! I love this song. Lulu pushed her to take it up a half-step and to get into the drama. She certainly works the hair when she sings. Her performance, though, struck me as a little “Rolling Stones-Lite”…although I do enjoy her high notes. (I think Miss Gina has lost some weight too, if I may note.) I can’t imagine getting judged by three people who don’t quite know how to communicate. Even I was confused after Gina’s critique.

Chris Sligh is talking to Noone about being sexy. I love when fat boys talk about being sexy. No. Seriously. He’s singing “She’s Not There” and Noone insists he figure out what the song is about. He was so proud of himself after his big note in the middle. It struck me as a randomly difficult song, and I think he did admirably. I am not sure whether or not he figured out what the song is about. I guess we’ll never know.

Melinda is singing last tonight, “As Long as He Needs Me,” from Oliver! She’s such a smart woman. Lulu dubbed it the perfect song for her. Is it just me or does she sing with her shoulders at her ears? I think Melinda was really nervous this week. I don’t think it was her strongest performance. And that poor girl is crying again. Someone give her an anti-depressant. Melinda knows how to work it, but we’ve all heard her do better. She does seem like the sweetest girl out there though.

Favorite of the Night: Jordin
On the Way Out: First guess is Stephanie; second is Phil

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Rachiewrites said...

Spot on, Annie, as the British invaders would have said. You've got the gist of this competition nailed. ~rh