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Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Happy Play?

(this is a conversation they have had before.)

I: i got somethin’ to say.
U: --
(listen’n) huh.
I: you listen’n?
U: (nods)
I: cuz i don’t want you to…get how you get.
U: huh?
I: all…scared-y and shit. like i’m talkin’ ‘bout sendin’ you to jail or somethin’.
U: ha.
I: i’m bein’ serious.
you gotta listen to me. i been thinkin’ all day and night about how much i love ya. how much i think i might need ya. how much i wish we were always together. livin’ together and lovin’ whenever we wanted. i’m missin’ you when you’re not near me.
ya heard me?
U: huh.
I: good. and i know how you feel ‘bout me…
U: unh.
I: good.
(they kiss)
one day when we get married, i’m gonna be real angry that it took so long.
U: ha.
I: (sighs)

(this is a conversation they will have again.)

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